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Membership Levels

Increase your earning potential by attaining a higher membership level. Your membership level is determined by the amount of Driven$ earned.

The following is a sample of the minimum rewards that you can earn and redeem as your membership level increases with many dealers offering rewards over and above these amounts.

Membership Levels
Membership Level Minimum Driven$ Earning Potential Redemption Potential Purchase Discount
    % of invoice (services, parts, accessories & body shop) % of invoice (services, parts, accessories & body shop) Towards parts and accessories
Miles Driven™ Member 0 5% 50% 0%
Miles Driven™ Plus 150 5% 50% 5%
Miles Driven™ Premium 300 10% 75% 10%
Miles Driven™ Supreme 700 15% 100% 15%

Check with your dealer for their specific earning and redemption amounts for each membership level.