About Miles Driven™

Miles Driven™ started off as a new idea to help both consumers and dealers connect with each and to create loyalty amongst the two.

Using our collective experience of marketing, the automobile dealer industry and technology to solve real problems, we wanted to take loyalty programs to another whole new level. We researched and listened to what consumers and dealers wanted out of loyalty programs. We founded Miles Driven™ to address both of their needs.

Consumers wanted to stop carrying more loyalty cards, to know the exact rewards balance without having to convert points into dollars, to stop getting promotions and messages that are irrelevant to them, be reminded of upcoming service and maintenance needs, book service appointments from mobile devices, get information about their vehicle and dealer at their fingertips and most importantly they want to be rewarded for remaining loyal to their dealers.

Dealers wanted to satisfy their customers’ needs, to increase loyalty between the two and to retain their customers for a longer period of time. Dealers also wanted a program that allows them to send targeted messages to their customers to reduce the amount of unwanted communication.

Those are pretty big shoes to fill. But with over 65 years of experience in marketing, loyalty programs, auto dealership marketing and technology, we exceeded the needs of our all of our stakeholders.

Miles Driven™ goes beyond most loyalty programs. Not only can people earn and redeem rewards called Driven$ (each Driven$ is equivalent to one dollar), they use the Miles Driven™ mobile app and website to engage with their dealer and Miles Driven™ to earn more rewards. They get personalized offers that match their vehicle and mileage. How much better can it get?

Each member who is enrolled through their dealer at the time of purchasing a new or used vehicle will receive Driven$ as a signup bonus.

Who created Miles Driven™?

Miles Driven™ is the brain child of the creative and entrepreneurial minds of BTI Brand Innovations Inc. (“BTI”). BTI saw the opportunity to address the challenges faced by the automobile industry and its customers.

BTI’s staff brings the necessary experience to create, launch and operate Miles Driven™.

Some of the key individuals involved with Miles Driven™ at BTI bring the following experiences:

  • Over 20 years of delivering highly creative and successful marketing and loyalty programs across many industries
  • Over 20 years of very successful marketing programs with the automotive dealer community
  • Over 25 years of technology and go to market triumphs in new product introductions
  • A highly experienced in-house design and technology team working directly on the program

With the collective experience of the entire team, BTI is very excited to introduce Miles Driven™ to the market and looks forward to managing this program for many years to come.